Some of Those Impressions Are False

Do you know anyone whose face would light up when they start talking?

I know this person whose default expression carries a scowl. Her eyes are cold, her lips say “I’m not impressed”, and her general attitude an “I’m so tired today, give me some space”. Not scary, but cold and indifferent, which can easily be interpreted as unfriendly.

The extraordinary thing is that, all those impressions are false. Once a topic, even just a mildly impressive one, is started, the magic happens: her eyes would light up, her face would glow, and her speech would flow like the sea in the afternoon; increasingly livelier.

She loves talking. Her work in the service industry suits her very well. I know this also because I’ve seen her at work. She can talk endlessly about things she’s interested in, such as Japanese pop music, SUP*, good cocktails, and their combination. That’s the extent to which I know her interests.

I wish I could say I’ll know more of them, but knowing that I’m incapable of understanding some when she talks, I couldn’t. The language barrier between us is still the elephant in the room, and it will take me years to tame the elephant.

It’s a shame because I want to invite her real personality to come out to play more. I’d love to be awed by that magic more often. I’d like to at least get her to talk while letting my partial oblivion slide (in another word, get her do a monologue).

If one day I’ll be able to, I’ll let her know all that. All of the above. Plus I think her curly hair is cute but she can consider changing her shiny moisturizer.


*This is SUP: stand up paddle boarding. You’re welcome.


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