Apa kamu membeli kredit karbon yang kredibel?

Akhir-akhir ini di Indonesia bermunculan bisnis carbon offsetting—penjualan kredit karbon dari kegiatan penurunan emisi gas rumah kaca–oleh UKM (start-up) baru hingga yang sudah jadi unicorn. Program-program carbon offsetting ini tampaknya disambut oleh generasi konsumen muda yang sadar pentingnya melestarikan lingkungan dan hidup yang berkelanjutan. Kesadaran kelompok konsumen ini jauh lebih besar daripada generasi sebelumnya, salah satu sebabnya tentu banyaknya informasi di media sosial dan internet … Continue reading Apa kamu membeli kredit karbon yang kredibel?

A Typical Indian Odyssey #2: Yoga Teacher Training

Three years ago, as I sat on a beach reflecting upon my life, I decided to take a yoga teacher training. What I gained from practicing with my teacher in Tokyo, Nana Kalyani, in the-then past year was more than enough to convince me: her yoga classes and approach inspired me to share the benefits of yoga with people who seek them. The thing is, … Continue reading A Typical Indian Odyssey #2: Yoga Teacher Training

A Typical Indian Odyssey #1

I stepped out of an AirAsia airplane into Bangalore’s Kempewgoda International Airport in the beginning of April 2019, unsure about what to expect. I would be in the city for a night before moving to the neighboring city Mysore the day after, in time for my yoga teacher training course. I’ve learned some information about India. I’ve read various articles from the beauty of its … Continue reading A Typical Indian Odyssey #1

Living Japan #8: On Racism

I read on Quora stories by non-Japanese residents of Japan who felt hurt because “people in the train would get up to find another seat” to avoid sitting next to them. Or because a co-worker stopped talking to him when the co-worker realized his English was not good enough. Apparently, the co-worker was friendly to the Quora poster only to practice English. Do these stories sound … Continue reading Living Japan #8: On Racism

Some of Those Impressions Are False

Do you know anyone whose face would light up when they start talking? I know this person whose default expression carries a scowl. Her eyes are cold, her lips say “I’m not impressed”, and her general attitude an “I’m so tired today, give me some space”. Not scary, but cold and indifferent, which can easily be interpreted as unfriendly. The extraordinary thing is that, all … Continue reading Some of Those Impressions Are False

From Pantone

The Betrayal of Blue

I liked the color blue unconditionally until today. I live for the blue sky, which turns to neon peach in summer afternoons and falls asleep with the sleeping light on. I feel closer to the pretty sky knowing she’s ever-changing and clumsy like me. I wear blue clothes: striped blue-and-white button-down for days when I feel extra committed to work, asymmetrical periwinkle puffy-sleeved blouse, midnight-blue … Continue reading The Betrayal of Blue