Vietnam Trip: the War, simplicity, and #familygoal

From the end of April until the beginning of May, Japan welcomes a keenly awaited holiday season, so precious it’s called “Golden Week”. This Week consists of Showa Day (the beginning of previous Emperor’s reign), Constitution Memorial Day (the declaration of Japan’s 1947 Constitution, made after its defeat in the World War 2), Greenery Day (a day to appreciate of nature), and Children’s Day (this is … Continue reading Vietnam Trip: the War, simplicity, and #familygoal

Cycling through the Charm of Biei, Hokkaido

I’ve wanted to cycle in Hokkaido for a long time and finally did it last weekend! I went skiing in Sapporo last winter and left a part of my heart there for the island’s beauty. After Sapporo my next destinations were Furano and Biei. I know summer is widely known as the best time for visiting these small towns for the sight of lavender bloom, but … Continue reading Cycling through the Charm of Biei, Hokkaido


“It went by too fast!” – says myself at the end of every year. Then I’d try to recollect what I’ve done in the past 364 days. Finally, I’d whimper silently at the undeniable fact that I will age one year older. It doesn’t help much to have a birthday in February, you’ll feel you’re aging faster than everybody else. The year 2016 was an … Continue reading 2016

Ethiopia: First Reminder on Perception

I’ve traveled southward across the Mediterranean Sea. After 6 hours’ flight, I arrived in the ‘political capital of Africa’: Addis Ababa. I remember well how I perceived Africa during my childhood. I knew Africa as Ethiopia, South Africa, Madagascar, Sahara Desert, wilderness, and The Lion King. South Africa is Nelson Mandela and gold, Madagascar is lemur, Sahara is hottest place on Earth (Africa is extremely hot in … Continue reading Ethiopia: First Reminder on Perception