Amy: Jewel Faded Too Soon

Amy was a diamond. Shining bright in her powerful voice. She evolved from a raw talent who jams cheesy line yet catchy melody to an uncanny lyricist with characteristic jazz.

But Amy was clearly fighting depression. Nothing was well planned, she was a vulnerable young girl who went deep without needed protection system.

Amy wanted to get better. She got out of drugs, but alcohol was her only saviour. She wasn’t a recreational alcoholic or junkie. She wasn’t “being a rock star”. She fell in love. That could’ve saved her if it wasn’t with the wrong person. She needed psychological help. That’s what her system didn’t see.

Your voice still reverbrate today, Amy. I adore your talent. I’m grateful for this movie. It brought me to tears. It shows that you’re not that rebellious ungrateful pop star which some people might think you were. You’re a jewel gone too soon.

This film showed me how the industry turned a blind eye on her as a person. It should also remind us not to turn away from people who said they need you. Don’t turn your back even if they seem to be drifting away. That’s when they need you, more than you know.

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