I Just Read: “Kitchen” (and “Moonlight Shadow”) by Banana Yoshimoto

Just finished a book by another Japanese writer, this one with young people set in the more recent years. I was actually reading another book of speeches, but it was left behind when I moved so I can’t finish it yet.

Banana Yoshimoto’s style is contemplative and fresh. If you like Murakami, most likely you’ll like her.

Here’s My thoughts on “Kitchen” : Goodreads

Next review: “Go Set a Watchman”.

2 thoughts on “I Just Read: “Kitchen” (and “Moonlight Shadow”) by Banana Yoshimoto

  1. I still think Banana’s style is much more easier to follow compare with Murakami. Whenever I read Yoshimoto’s books, I know happiness is always at the end of the road.


    1. Yes I agree! Much simpler and realistic, although in my experience I didn’t always find happiness at the end. But I find it common in Japanese stories I must say.. 🙂


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