Respect and Equality

In general cases, I believe respect is gained not asked. But for today’s special occasion, let me ask all my women and men friends reading this to join hands and fight for #respect for each other!

Dear Women,
protect each others’ backs instead of stabbing them. I know it’s sooo tempting to gossip but it’s not worth it. It won’t be her thrown into the bush, it’ll be you.

Dear Men,
if you see a fellow doing this to any women: whistling, cooing, calling names, offering (random women) a ride, please tell them that IT IS NOT OKAY. We get annoyed, offended, even scared. Please tell them, “Hey imagine if it’s your sister, daughter, or mother”. If they insist please do something punishing. 😡

Dear Women,
be strong, look strong, always with composure. Be different, but always remember your values. Love and respect your bodies. We don’t have enough women leaders in the world, yet (although Ms. Merkel counts as more than 1). And we still need more rocking mothers (but maybe 2 kids is enough? Just my 2 cents). Know what we want and let’s be good at it.

Dear Men, you are human.
You’ve every right to be angry (but hitting a girl is still not cool), sad (and ask for a hug), to say you can’t, and to share your anxiety.

Dear Women,
be the gentle us. Global suicide rate is more than three times higher among male than female. It’s our privilege to be their support system. Go easy.

Dear Men,
you may start to feel overshadowed by us. I really wish we have an International Men’s Day. Or at least an International Father’s Day. I know many of you feel women has more job opportunities and nowadays they even heightened it by stating “women are strongly encouraged to apply”.

But the fact is more women than men around the world are still struggling for their rights. For higher education, to break stereotypes, to go out of the house alone, to be in the parliament, to stay away from HIV, to have peace with their looks. To feel safe while walking alone in midday and not threatened by anyone who call them names (hence back to my first point). However, we’re in this together.

And Dear Men,
although we fight for our rights to be equal with yours, we love you (some of us may not romantically, but generally yes). I believe the money you gained so hard are not only for our handbags. I believe you deserve that shoulder to cry on from time to time. We’re not fighting against you. We actually can’t imagine life without you. Oh how dull. 😉

It takes two to tango.
Work on both sides to solve an equation.

Respect and embrace each other, and Happy International Women’s Day!

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