How to be a Tokyoite – a Non-exhaustive List (Living Japan #7)

1. Walk fast, really fast. 2. Sprint a block to outrun a blinking green crossing light. 3. Run towards the closing train door (there’s a word for this : “kakekomi-josha”). 4. Squeeze into the fully packed subway. 5. Fit all of your stuffs in your 20 m2 “cat’s forehead” apartment. Have a try on minimalism and fail. 6. Curse the snow for delaying the trains, … Continue reading How to be a Tokyoite – a Non-exhaustive List (Living Japan #7)

Living Japan #5: Tokyo “City Girl”

Last July I celebrated a year of living in Japan. Work contract has been extended, so I’ll hopefully be celebrating a second year anniversary next year. As I enter my second year, I made a decision to move to Tokyo. I moved from the suburbs of Yokohama, where most residents were grandmothers and high-school students and residents’ festivals were held frequently. There’s nothing wrong with … Continue reading Living Japan #5: Tokyo “City Girl”