My Pescatarian Journey

The 1st of July marks the end of my sixth month living as a pescatarian! Pescatarian? You must be familiar with a vegetarian diet. Vegetarians eat everything aside from animals: vegetables, legumes, fruits, nuts, grains, etc., you name it. Vegans, on top of being vegetarian, don’t use products derived from animals – honey, chicken stock, even silk. The pescatarian (or pescetarian) diet is similar to … Continue reading My Pescatarian Journey

Living Japan #5: Tokyo “City Girl”

Last July I celebrated a year of living in Japan. Work contract has been extended, so I’ll hopefully be celebrating a second year anniversary next year. As I enter my second year, I made a decision to move to Tokyo. I moved from the suburbs of Yokohama, where most residents were grandmothers and high-school students and residents’ festivals were held frequently. There’s nothing wrong with … Continue reading Living Japan #5: Tokyo “City Girl”

The Borrowed Life (The Letters – Part 2 – end)

Dear Friend, How are you? I hope the sun is shining outside your window and the dog is sleeping peacefully on your foot.. Those small things that make life deserves to be cherished! I wrote to you about my life recently. About how I had been living a life that I borrowed, from Life itself and from the people who own it.. It has come … Continue reading The Borrowed Life (The Letters – Part 2 – end)

The Borrowed Life (The Letters – Part 1)

Dear Friend, How are you? I hope everything is still as great as you told me the last time we talked. It’s been more than a month now, since my ankle bone broke. I may forget the date and how the accident happened in detail, but I don’t want to forget the life experience and lessons it’s given me. This is why I’m writing you, … Continue reading The Borrowed Life (The Letters – Part 1)