Living Japan #6: Mission Apartment, Part Two

My note on finding a home in Japan (Living Japan #3: Mission Apartment) remains as the most-read post on this blog, so there must be many of you who had the same questions and struggles as I did. Hope that note helped you. I’ll continue with the next steps: filling up the house and actually making it a home. 1. Buying new electronics As I … Continue reading Living Japan #6: Mission Apartment, Part Two

Wake-up Call

Being a millennial, I’ve been restless for some time, questioning myself about “what I’m supposed to do in this world” and “what I was born to be”, despite the fact that I have a job, hobbies, and social activities. I’ve been wondering what “I should do” for the society. It’s definitely hard to always be positive in a highly-informed world where we can easily see the worst … Continue reading Wake-up Call


“It went by too fast!” – says myself at the end of every year. Then I’d try to recollect what I’ve done in the past 364 days. Finally, I’d whimper silently at the undeniable fact that I will age one year older. It doesn’t help much to have a birthday in February, you’ll feel you’re aging faster than everybody else. The year 2016 was an … Continue reading 2016

Living Japan #5: Tokyo “City Girl”

Last July I celebrated a year of living in Japan. Work contract has been extended, so I’ll hopefully be celebrating a second year anniversary next year. As I enter my second year, I made a decision to move to Tokyo. I moved from the suburbs of Yokohama, where most residents were grandmothers and high-school students and residents’ festivals were held frequently. There’s nothing wrong with … Continue reading Living Japan #5: Tokyo “City Girl”

Living Japan #3: Mission Apartment, Part One

If you’re considering moving to Japan, be ready to get on board the major first mission. I didn’t have to do too much for moving to Italy and Malawi, for having found good places to live in before arriving. But moving to Japan was different because my company let us live in the dormitory while finding by ourselves a place that fits our taste. So … Continue reading Living Japan #3: Mission Apartment, Part One

Living in Japan: Eating with Chopsticks #2 – Non-Alien Registration

Today after lunch, a department staff kindly took me to the Hayama Town Hall to register myself as a resident. The building was familiar; I remembered seeing its image when googling about the town. There, I was comforted by the system and people’s efficiency. Registering as a new long-term resident is convenient. Let me explain from the start. Weeks before my arrival, I was asked … Continue reading Living in Japan: Eating with Chopsticks #2 – Non-Alien Registration

Living in Japan: Eating with Chopsticks

A few months ago I got an offer to work at an international research-based NGO based in Hayama, Japan. Yesterday night, I landed safely at Tokyo Narita airport, took a 2,5 hours regular train ride to Zushi (the nearest town from Hayama), and officially started my new adventure in the sushi homeland. A dinner was prepared for me in my temporary room. Starving, I automatically … Continue reading Living in Japan: Eating with Chopsticks

Words or picture, or both?

My soul mate recently asked me, “Where are the pictures on your blog? I miss them, it adds your sensitivity in your writings.” My natural response was that I lacked original pictures that represented the story, and I’ll probably add them in the future. Later, her inquiry made me think, was it the picture or the writing that move people? Does picture speak more than … Continue reading Words or picture, or both?

On the Metro Mini This Evening

14 November 2014 On the Metro Mini (Jakarta’s city bus) this evening, a street singer told a story. He said he couldn’t continue going to school for he had no money. He said we are lucky. Literate, educated, employed. Unlike him, his friends, and his surroundings whom have to “work on the streets, sell their pride, and sleep on the shops’ front doors”. Unable to … Continue reading On the Metro Mini This Evening

The Borrowed Life (The Letters – Part 2 – end)

Dear Friend, How are you? I hope the sun is shining outside your window and the dog is sleeping peacefully on your foot.. Those small things that make life deserves to be cherished! I wrote to you about my life recently. About how I had been living a life that I borrowed, from Life itself and from the people who own it.. It has come … Continue reading The Borrowed Life (The Letters – Part 2 – end)