Wake-up Call

Being a millennial, I’ve been restless for some time, questioning myself about “what I’m supposed to do in this world” and “what I was born to be”, despite the fact that I have a job, hobbies, and social activities. I’ve been wondering what “I should do” for the society. It’s definitely hard to always be positive in a highly-informed world where we can easily see the worst … Continue reading Wake-up Call

On the Metro Mini This Evening

14 November 2014 On the Metro Mini (Jakarta’s city bus) this evening, a street singer told a story. He said he couldn’t continue going to school for he had no money. He said we are lucky. Literate, educated, employed. Unlike him, his friends, and his surroundings whom have to “work on the streets, sell their pride, and sleep on the shops’ front doors”. Unable to … Continue reading On the Metro Mini This Evening