Cycling through the Rustic Charm of Biei, Hokkaido

Iโ€™veย wanted to cycle in Hokkaido for a long time and I finally did last weekend! I went skiing in Sapporo last winter and I left a part of my heart there on the island's beauty. After Sapporo my next destinations were Furano and Biei. Granted, summer is widely known as the best time for visiting … Continue reading Cycling through the Rustic Charm of Biei, Hokkaido



"It went by too fast!" - says myself at the end of every year. Then I'd try to recollect what I've done in the past 364 days. Then finally, I'd whimper silently at the undeniable fact that I will age one year older. It doesn't help much to have a birthday in February, you'll feel … Continue reading 2016

Living Japan #5: Tokyo “City Girl”

Last July I celebrated a year of living in Japan. Work contract has been extended, so I'll hopefully be celebrating a second year anniversary next year. As I enter my second year, I made a decision to move to Tokyo. I moved from the suburbs of Yokohama, where most residents were grandmothers and high-school students … Continue reading Living Japan #5: Tokyo “City Girl”

Living Japan #3: Mission Apartment

If you're considering a move to Japan, be ready to get on board the major first mission. I didn't have to do too much moving into Italy and Malawi, having found good places to live before arriving. But moving to Japan was different because my company let us live in the dormitory while finding a … Continue reading Living Japan #3: Mission Apartment

Book Review: “Kitchen” (and “Moonlight Shadow”), Banana Yoshimoto

Just finished a book by another Japanese writer, this one with young people set in the more recent years. I was actually reading another book of speeches, but it was left behind when I moved so I can't finish it yet. Banana Yoshimoto's style is contemplative and fresh. If you like Murakami, most likely you'll … Continue reading Book Review: “Kitchen” (and “Moonlight Shadow”), Banana Yoshimoto