Happy World Poetry Day!

I usually don't post my poems here, but I want to celebrate the World Poetry Day on March 21. For me, poetry is like having a huge crush on a bad boy: it gives me the thrills. The ooh-aah. Even goosebumps. Not only from reading them but also from crafting them. For most people poetry always look somewhat … Continue reading Happy World Poetry Day!


Living Japan #4: Hygiene and yes, the toilets

You've seen videos of Japanese school kids cleaning up their classes together or the Japanese supporters tidying up their sections at a World Cup 2014. So "Japanese", aren't they? The habit of keeping personal hygiene starts since childhood. Many Japanese adults still brush their teeth after meal. Although the dental medics society have been continuously debating … Continue reading Living Japan #4: Hygiene and yes, the toilets

Ethiopia: First Reminder on Perception

I've traveled southward across the Mediterranean Sea. After 6 hours' flight, I arrived in the 'political capital of Africa': Addis Ababa. I remember well how I perceived Africa during my childhood. I knew Africa as Ethiopia, South Africa, Madagascar, Sahara Desert, wilderness, and The Lion King. South Africa is Nelson Mandela and gold, Madagascar is … Continue reading Ethiopia: First Reminder on Perception