Book Review: “All the Light We Cannot See”

Itโ€™s been a while since I last read a book as touching as this one. Anthony Doerr masterfullyย tells the story in short chapters - no longer than five pages each - flowing with detail. I found myself too emotional to flip a page at times, butย I always did to answer my urgent question, โ€œThen what … Continue reading Book Review: “All the Light We Cannot See”


Book Review: “Kitchen” (and “Moonlight Shadow”), Banana Yoshimoto

Just finished a book by another Japanese writer, this one with young people set in the more recent years. I was actually reading another book of speeches, but it was left behind when I moved so I can't finish it yet. Banana Yoshimoto's style is contemplative and fresh. If you like Murakami, most likely you'll … Continue reading Book Review: “Kitchen” (and “Moonlight Shadow”), Banana Yoshimoto