Living in Japan: Eating with Chopsticks

A few months ago I got an offer to work at an international research-based NGO based in Hayama, Japan. Yesterday night, I landed safely at Tokyo Narita airport, took a 2,5 hours regular train ride to Zushi (the nearest town from Hayama), and officially started my new adventure in the sushi homeland.

A dinner was prepared for me in my temporary room. Starving, I automatically reached for the chopsticks instead of the spoon and fork. It was probably a sort of ‘automatic prompt adaptation’ (couldn’t find any term that defines this instance on google. Might be an interesting research topic!) that I found quite amazing!

So here comes to mind, a subtitle for my future blog posts on this topic: “Living in Japan: Eating with Chopsticks”. How does that sound?

4 thoughts on “Living in Japan: Eating with Chopsticks

    1. Cheers! Really enjoying your posts, feels good to know someone’s been in my shoes! Though you seemed to be in a more “Japanese” atmosphere and had better assistance in settling down (esp. housing). It’s hard to avoid completely empty housing here!

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      1. Thank you! Yeah, looking back, the housing situation was stress-free. Everyone tended to sell everything on to their successors.


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